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Floating Info on

Ahah! Jokes on you, I'm winning. I've used past events to figure out to invest early, and get out before things collapse. I'm currently out $3147 Fiat, and up 115.54 BTC.

SaltySpitoon on

NOT ACCURATE - forgot the whole: Call my CC company and demand a refund or chargeback - got back my 3k in debt and used it to buy other hardware which was mining at a constant.

frankenmint on /r/Bitcoin

the stupid exchange sucks cause it delays the order going through.

mustyoshi on /r/Bitcoin

This is the worst game ever.

lechoen on

In the real world, there would be other bitcoin exchanges I could turn to if I wanted to continue my bitcoin buying quest but in this game, there is only one (defunct) exchange so I will have to wait until somebody makes up some new rules before I can continue playing this game.

psionl0 on

I kind of wish this was a real game though....

Exar Kun on

ok so i'm already bored. there's no 3D in this at all

@mpesce on twitter

Portions of Beep Boop Bitcoin use yui3, Inform 7, and parchment.